On the 28th May 2018 the GDPR took over from the Data Protection Act 1998 and as a member of Olney Bowling Club it is important that the club informs our members of the procedures the club will adopt to ensure that we abide by the new rules and regulations.

As you can imagine there was a vast amount of paperwork and reading to be done regarding this regulation which covers all types of organisations from large companies down to a small bowling club like ours.  The following is the  information that you should know about and that which is relevant to Olney Bowling Club.

Privacy Policy

  • Olney Bowling Club  takes the issue of your personal information extremely seriously and we promise that we will not pass your details to any third parties outside of OBC.
  • It is necessary for the club to have the consent to hold a members’ details on paper and also electronically.  To comply with this, when a person applies for membership or renews his/her annual membership,  that person will be asked to sign the application or renewal form  which will then give their consent to allow OBC to hold their records on file for the duration of their membership.
  • If a member leaves or resigns from the club then OBC will ensure that all their paper records are shredded and also deleted from electronic lists.
  • All personal details will be held by the Club Secretary and emails will only be sent to members concerning OBC business.  The head of the Entertainments Committee will also hold a list of members’ email addresses so that he/she can inform the membership of upcoming events and details of planned events.
  • As OBC is a member of Bowls England and the Buckinghamshire Bowls Association we have a legal basis for holding your records.  Records will be held on an annual basis. 
  • Any member has the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if they think there is a problem with the way OBC is handling their data.
  • All applications for membership and renewal concerning OBC Junior Section must be signed by a parent or guardian which will give their consent for OBC to hold the Junior members’ records.  OBC will ensure that parents or official guardians accept receipt of information on behalf of children (aged under 18).  The Junior Section records will be held by the Club Secretary, however the Junior Administrator will hold a list of Junior Section email addresses for communication purposes.
  • All emails sent by OBC will be written as a “Blind Carbon Copy” (Bcc).  
  • If OBC discover a data breach which is likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedom of individuals – if, for example, it could result in discrimination, damage to reputation, financial loss, loss of confidentiality or any other significant economic or social disadvantage then OBC must report this to the ICO.  

Rory Macdonald
Club Secretary