Have you ever thought of trying your hand at bowls but never got round to it? - then this is your opportunity.


Bowls is a game for both ladies and gentlemen, so whether you're 19 or 90 (or even younger or older - this year we are re-starting our Junior Section), bowls could be the game for you.

Why not come along on 8th May (between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) to our free Open Day and have a go?

Our club coaches and experienced members will be there to show you the basics of the game.   The club will provide the bowls but please just remember to bring a flat pair of shoes/trainers.

Who knows, you might be the next Sir Francis Drake (although we don't expect a Spanish invasion).

What a better way of enjoying a sunny summer's day, in friendly company and getting some excercise at the smae time, than playing a game of bowls - and there's also a bar.

We would be delighted if you think this is the game for you and became a member of Olney Bowling Club.

Check out the rest of this website to see other information on the club, social activities provided by the club and our matches against other local clubs.

Need more information?

Online - Go to our enquiries page by clicking on this link and one of our members will be in touch to answer any questions.

Come and see us - Whilst you can come along any time the club is open, the best time to drop in would be Tuesday evenings when our points night is in progress or Wednesday evenings when a good number of members will normally be around - check our calendar for dates.  

If you pop in, you can meet new and old(er) members and have a good chat to find out if bowls is for you.   Come along after 8:00pm and we may even be able to offer you a chance to throw a couple of woods to help you decide.

Hope to see you soon and by the way, why not.

The more the merrier and nothing better than having someone you know joining you on your new venture into the wonderful world of Bowling.